Planting Seeds, Cultivating Wellness

At Root To Bloom we search for the root cause of imbalances in your body, not just treating symptoms. By understanding physiology and how your lifestyle affects your body, we can begin to seek balance for you internally, eliminating the need for symptom management.

If you are dissatisfied with the current health care options, or you have tried many things that have yet to provide you with resolution, then it’s time to get some answers.
Together we compile your health history, gather data, and create a realistic path to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Paths include varied options but may include lifestyle changes, energy upgrades, regulating your hormones and neurotransmitters, building a healthy relationship with food, and making your optimal level of wellness achievable.

Your protocol is designed specifically for you based on your health history and current data snapshot from our Zyto software. You will have new direction on nutrition practices, herbs, supplements, lifestyle, emotional and physical tools. You are welcome to implement some or all the offerings, as you see fit. We become partners in your health during this journey. We are here to support your development and answer your questions along the way.

We will work together for 3 months and you will achieve:

   * Boosted energy levels and get rid of the mid-afternoon slump
   * Improved digestive and gut health
   * Incorporation of the foods your body is asking you for with shopping list support
   * Break down your long-term goals into small sustainable steps
   * Understanding of the root causes of your issues
   * A Tangible increase your happiness
   * Support in locating the physical practices that your body will love
   * A strong feeling of empowerment knowing you are doing great things for yourself

What is the process?

Free Discovery Call
                To see if this would be a benefit for you, schedule a complementary discovery call with me so we can get to know each other better. Send me an email with your next three available dates and times 

Next Steps:

New Client Intake Form & Meeting
                Complete our intake question form and have an hour long conversation to provide more detail and background where necessary. We take a full body approach and will consider many aspects to your health.

Schedule your Zyto Scan appointment.
We do this remotely online and will send you the needed hardware. You then download this software onto your PC (not MAC compatible) and we have a recorded Zoom meeting. We then use the video to transcribe any important information for you, so you don’t have to take notes, but can instead focus on the wealth of information we receive. The scans are not intended to diagnose disease or illness; they help reveal the root causes of health concerns and are adjunct to understanding nutritional status. The scanning takes less than 20 minutes and we spend the remainder of the time reviewing the report that is extensive.

Specialized Protocol
                Taking the data we have gathered and your health history, your preferences and needs, we collaborate on your path forward. Where do you want to end up in your health? What is your main health goal? What is the most direct path and what steps can we start with right now to get you there?

Follow Up Support
                For the remaining time in our three months, I am available within reason by text to support you with answers to your welcomed questions. You will also receive one more Zyto scan and review at the end of our three months to assist in qualifying your progress and setting you up for success beyond our time together. Additional coaching packages are available hereafter.

Feel Good
With Root Cause Resolution

We offer remote services so we can meet anywhere you have wifi

We conduct our first few appointments by phone and the Zyto scans can be done remotely using your laptop or PC, with a USB port. You download an application and we mail you the hand cradle, that you mail back after our appointment is completed. It's that simple!

(Zyto software is not currently MAC compatible)

available SERVICES

Root to Bloom offers a convenient and holistic approach to support you in reaching your individual health goals. It is our intent to work in partnership with you and your other health team members to help you find the answers you are seeking and gain the knowledge to restore and renew your health so that you can thrive. 


Rooted Understanding Consultation

20 min phone consultation

Complete our initial questionnaire and review what options we can move forward with to see if working with Root to Bloom is a good fit for you.

Offering you the opportunity to check in with your body to see what support it needs.

(No charge for 20 minute phone consultation once the form is received.)

download NOW

$100deposit towards your remote session

Complete your health history questionaire

Provide us with the background information on your health

Our questionaire is detailed and will provide us with the insight we need to understand your foundation. Send your $100 deposit towards your remote Zyto scan and plan appointment. We will use the health history and the non-invasive scan to check in on organs, systems, glands, pathogens, hormones, neurotransmitters, emotions, and food sensitivities.
This will give us the data we need to collaborate on what your path to wellness needs to include and what is a practical way to get there. 


Remote Scan & Plan Session

approx 2 hours $350 including the deposit you sent with your health questionaire

This appointment starts with you receiving the hand cradle and downloading the software from
Once you have those things in place, we conduct your painless biocommunication scan and review the detailed information over a recorded zoom call. This is where we will get a solid understanding of where your body is at currently and what health challenges we can eliminate right away. 
Taking the data we gain from this scan along with your health history, your preferences and needs, we collaborate on your path forward. This is a completely unique and individual approach to your health.

Where do you want to end up with your health? What is your main health goal? What is the most direct path and what steps can we start with right now to get you there?

Don't worry about taking notes, we will review the recording and provide written communication of the highlights for you so you can focus on the conversation and be present in the moment with us.


Remote Package Special

approx 2 hours

If you don't want to bother with mailing the hand cradle back and forth, purchasing your own may be just the solution. 

For a one time investment of only $250, a zyto hand cradle will be shipped to your address to be used for your first Scan & Path Discovery appointment, and every appointment thereafter.

Further, any future consulations will be booked at a 10% discount for yourself and your close friends and family who you can choose to lend your cradle too.

how we WORK


Our 20 min phone or zoom consultations will pinpoint what direction we need to take with your wellness path.

supplement SUPPORT

Our quality supplements are designed to work with your comprehensive meal plan while not breaking the bank.

nutrition SUPPORT

Once your initial scan is complete, we then work with you to create an individualized, comprehensive 30 day meal plan.


We work together as a team to create a customized wellness plan that is easy to follow to help you meet your overall goals.

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