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stephanie BLOOM

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we're passionate ABOUT HEALTH

I am so excited to be able to practice complementary health care as it has been a blessing in my own life. Helping others is part of my nature and I believe the Universe has led me here so that I may assist others in their wellness journeys. I sincerely look forward to supporting you in your own journey with servant leadership and a humble heart.

I overcame my own health crisis in 2014, where I had had some major high blood pressure issues. The MD I spoke with didn’t give me the time and attention I needed and suggested major surgery as the solution to my problem without so much as asking about my diet or sleep patterns or even ordering any blood work. I asked my community where they went for actual help, and was shown this path I now hope to help you traverse. 

Root to Bloom Whole Health offers several avenues for discovery and solutions to many health issues. As a Functional Nutrition Counselor and Board Certified Drugless Practitioner, I am passionate about helping you find the highest level of your heatlh. No two paths are the same and I will support you as you navigate your own unique challenges and goals.  

My core focus of solutions include diet support, supplements and wellness products that you prefer, lifestyle choices and body services suggestions as a wholistic approach to finding balance and health.  

Some of the areas of concern that I’ve been able to help my clients address are; Fatigue & Lethargy, Digestive Issues, Inflammation & Low Immunity, Food Sensitivities, Skin, Hair & Nail health, Brain Fog, Endocrine System Issues, Parasite removal, and many more. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact me today to start planting seeds that cultivate wellness!

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